As I walked through the meadows

"As I walked through the meadows" is the final song from Gardner Read's Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, op. 68 and sets a traditional old English poem to music.

Date: 1946Composer: Gardner ReadSong Collection: Three Songs for Mezzo-Soprano, op. 68

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As I walked through the meadows


As I walked through the meadows to take the fresh air,     

The flowers were blooming and gay;     

I heard a fair damsel so sweetly asinging.     

Her cheeks like a blossom in May.     

Said I: Pretty maiden and how came you here     

In the meadows this morning so soon?     

The maid she replied: For to gather some may,     

For the trees thay are all in full bloom.     

Said I: Pretty maiden shall I go with you     

To the meadows to gather some may?     

O no, sir, she said, I would rather refuse,    

For I fear you would lead me astray.     

Then I took this fair maid by the lily-white hand;     

On the green mossy bank we sat down;     

And I placed a kiss on her sweet rosy lips,     

While the small birds were singing around.     

And when we arose from the green mossy bank,     

To the meadows we wandered away;     

I placed my love on a primrose bank     

While I picked her a handful of may.     

Then early next morning I made her my bride,     

That the world might have nothing to say,     

The bells they did ring and the birds they did sing,     

And I crowned her the sweet Queen of May.


Gardner Read: The Art of Song

(William Blake, Frances Frost, James Joyce, Gardner Read, Henry Russell, Rabindranath Tagore and Jean Starr Untermeyer)


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