A Parable: A Blade of Grass

"A Parable: A Blade of Grass" sets a poem of Stephen Crane with music by Marion Bauer. The poem is the 18th poem in Crane's 1895 collection The Black Riders and Other Lines.

Date: 1922Composer: Marion BauerText: Stephen Crane

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A Parable: A Blade of Grass
by Stephen Crane

In heaven,
Some little blades of grass
Stood before God.
“What did you do?”
Then all save one of the little blades
Began eagerly to relate
The merits of their lives.
This one stayed a small way behind,
Presently, God said,
“And what did you do?”
The little blade answered, “Oh my Lord,
Memory is bitter to me,
For, if I did good deeds,
I know not of them.”
Then God, in all His splendor,
Arose from His throne.
“Oh, best little blade of grass!” He said.

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