Library of Congress launches new site

By Song of America

On February 5, 2014, the Library of Congress launched “Songs of America”, a web presentation which brings forward 80,000 digitized, curated items including maps, recordings, videos, sheet music, essays, biographies, curator talks and more to explore America’s history through the prism of song.

The free online presentation lets visitors explore American history as documented in the work of some of our country’s greatest composers, poets, scholars and performers. The searchable artifacts in the presentation are part of the Library of Congress’ unprecedented collection.

The Hampsong Foundation deeply supports the efforts of the Library of Congress, and is grateful to the institution for having created a presentation facilitating access to the priceless artifacts. The Hampsong Foundation will continue its mutual efforts with the Library of Congress to bring classic art song of America into a larger cultural context to tell the story of America and Americans.

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