Clinton Scollard

The poetry of Clinton Scollard has become part of the American song repertoire through the compositions of Charles Griffes, Henry Hadley, Charles Ives, and Oley Speaks.

Photo: Clinton Scollard, ca. 1902, from the Critic.

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A native of Clinton, New York, Scollard studied at Hamilton College and Harvard before embarking on a prolific career as a poet. He published more than 20 books of verse and, though he is considered to be a minor poet, his verse is notable for its technical mastery. Scollard also taught at Hamilton College.

–Christie Finn

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Sheet Music

Five Songs, Op. 44

Composer(s): Henry Hadley

Song(s): 1. The Face of All the World Has Changed (op. 44, no. 1)
2. In Confidence (op. 44, no. 2)
3. I Heard a Maid With Her Guitar (op. 44, no. 3)
4. The Year's at the Spring (op. 44, no. 4)
5. Come What Will, You are Mine To-day" (op. 44, no. 5)

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