Victor Mason

Victor Mason's preferred form of composition has been the ballad, and most of his works tell a story, with or without words, both about America and about the many other places he has lived around the world over the decades.

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    Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1942, Victor Mason comes from a musical family and spent his early years studying classical piano in Detroit and in Germany. He pursued other fields of study for his B.A. at the University of Michigan and for his M.A. at UCLA.

    He has spent many years living abroad, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, imbibing numerous cultural influences as a student, teacher, scholar, and education-program administrator, particularly at universities in the Orient. He has lived in New York since 1992, working for a small company with a strong focus on global issues.

    His song compositions are mostly ballads, especially in the jazz and romantic idioms and on historical and cultural themes. He has also composed several short instrumental pieces in the romantic classical style and one symphonic medley, “The Ode to the Twentieth Century.”

    (Biography written by the composer.)

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