Dick Allen

Dick Allen

1939 -

Author of seven books of poetry and acclaimed for his performance of his poetry, Dick Allen succeeded John Hollander as Poet Laureate of Connecticut in July of 2010.

Photo: Dick Allen, PoetryFoundation.org


Born in Troy, New York, Dick Allen grew up in the Adirondack Mountains and is one of the founders of Expansive poetry (which contains the New Fomalism and New Narrative movements). Influences include Ralph Waldo Emerson, A.E. Housman, Ben Jonson, and Robert Frost, and Allen's definition of the movement is as follows:

“Expansive Poetry is a narrative, dramatic and sometimes lyric poetry of the late 20th Century that conveys significant non-Confessional observations, thoughts and feelings about the world outside the Self and about the Self’s various relationships with this outer world. In carrying such content, it generally uses traditional rhyme and meter—sometimes loosened or roughened—incorporating natural speech patterns.” (PoetryFoundation.org)

Allen has won many awards and fellowships, and he has also co-authored numerous science fiction anthologies.

--Christie Finn

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