A Song of Liberty (op. 49)


"A Song of Liberty" was first written for chorus and orchestra, but a version for piano and voice is also in publication.

A Song of Liberty
by Frank Lebby Stanton

Across the land from strand to strand
Loud ring the bugle notes,
And Freedom's smile from isle to isle
Like Freedom's banner floats.

The velvet vales sing "Liberty!"
To ans'ring skies serene;
The mountains, sloping to the sea
Wave all their flags of green.
Sing Liberty, Liberty, Liberty!

The rivers, dashing to the deep,
Still echo loud and long,
And all their waves in glory leap
To one immortal song.

One song the nations hail the notes
From sounding sea to sea,
And answer from their thrilling throats
that song of Liberty, of Liberty
Liberty, Liberty!

Hail to our Country! strong she stands,
Nor fears the war drum's beat.
The sword of Freedom in her hands,
The tyrant at her feet!
To our country,
Hail, Hail!

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