Snowflakes, Op. 50, no. 3


"Snowflakes" features the poetry of John Vance Cheney from his 1897 volume Out of the Silence.

by John Vance Cheney

Falling all the night-time,
Falling all the day,
Silence into silence,
From the far-away;

Stilly host un-numbered,
All the night and day,
Falling, falling, falling,
From the far-away, --

Never came like glory
To the fields and trees,
Never summer blossoms,
Thick and white as these.

To the dear old places
Winging night and day,
Follow, follow, follow,
Fold them soft away;

Folding, folding, folding,
Fold the world away,
Souls of flowers drifting
Down the winter day.

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