Whitman Songs


During his youth, Marc Blitzstein set several poems of Walt Whitman. The songs were published in several different forms, including Nine Walt Whitman Songs. All of the songs are now available in Boosey & Hawkes' publication The Marc Blitzstein Songbook, Vol. 3 (2003).

All nine songs listed below were published in 1928. The date of composition is listed next to the title of the song.

-"As If a Phantom Caress'd Me" (1925)
-"What Weeping Face" (1925)
-"Joy, Shipmate, Joy!" (1925)
-"After the Dazzle of Day" (1925)
-"Gods" (1926-7)
-"O Hymen, O Hymenee!" (1927)
-"As Adam" (1927)
-"I Am He" (1928)
-"Ages and Ages" (1928)

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