Last Poems of Wallace Stevens


Last Poems of Wallace Stevens sets seven poems of Wallace Stevens from his volume The Palm at the End of the Mind. The cycle, composed by Ned Rorem for soprano, cello, and piano, is about 25 minutes long.

Last Poems of Wallace Stevens was commissioned by The David Ensemble and premiered in Town Hall, New York on November 13th, 1972 with Sheila Schonbrum (soprano), Jonathan Abramowitz (cello) and Warren Wilson (piano).

The cycle is arranged in the following way:

Prelude (cello solo)
"Not Ideas About the Thing but the Thing Itself" (cello & voice)
"The River of Rivers in Connecticut" (trio)
"A Child Asleep in Its Own Life" (piano & voice)
"The Planet on the Table" (trio)
"The Dove in Spring" (trio)
Interlude (cello & piano)
"Of Mere Being" (solo voice)
"A Clear Day and No Memories" (trio)

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