Confiding is a song cycle by David Leisner for high (or medium) voice and piano setting "10 poems by women, mostly Emily Dickinson and Emily Brontë, that trace the rise and fall of an intimate relationship and then turn to non-human elements (the guitar, imagination, God) for confiding."

This cycle is available in versions for high voice and piano, medium voice and piano, and high voice and guitar.


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Leisner writes of Confiding:

"This cycle of ten songs, all set to poems by women, deals with various kinds and stages of confiding. The first and last songs act as prelude and postlude. Songs no. 2-5 trace the rise and fall of an intimate relationship, after which the 'I' of the poems turns for confiding to the guitar (no. 6), pauses for reevaluation (no. 7), then turns to imagination (no. 8), and finally to God (no. 9). The entire cycle centers around the interval of a third.

"Confiding exists in versions for both high and medium voice with piano, as well as its original high voice and guitar version. It is dedicated to Ralph Jackson."

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