Among the Fuchsias

"Among the Fuchsias" is the fourth song of Henry Burleigh's song cycle Five Songs of Laurence Hope.
Among the Fuchsias
by Laurence Hope

Call me not to a secret place
when daylight dies away,
tempt me not with tine eager face
and words thou shouldst not say.

Entice me not with a child of thine,
ah, God, if such might be,
for surely a man is half divine
who adds another link to the line
whose last link none may see.

Call me not to the Lotus lake
where drooping fuchsias hide,
what if my latent youth awakes
and will not be denied?
Ah, tempt me not for I am not strong
(thy mouth is a budded kiss)

My days are empty, my nights are long;
ah,why is a thing so sweet so wrong,
why is a thing so sweet so wrong
as thy temptation is?

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