"Allegro" is the 95th song in Ives's song collection 114 Songs.

by Charles Ives

By morning's brightest beams,
my heart lightest seems,
For in my waking thoughts gay hopes do shine;
Before me lies the day,
and ere it dies away,
Who knows what may be mine!
So straight I leave my night's abode
to fare upon the day's long road
and think with rapture ere sun's decline
What may be mine!

By evening's pale gleam,
still the fancies teem,
And on my resting,
new hopes I see;
Before me lies the night,
and ere the morning light,
These hopes may come to me!
So straight I leave my day's abode
to fare upon the night's long road
again with rapture greet I the sunshine
And what may be mine!

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