A Necklace of Love


"A Necklace of Love" is the first song of Ethelbert Nevin's song cycle Songs from Vineacre, Op. 28.

A Necklace of Love
by Frank Lebby Stanton

No rubies of red for my lady,
No jewel that glitters and charms,
But the light of the skies, in a little one's eyes,
And a necklace of two little arms.

Of two little arms that are clinging
(Oh ne'er was a necklace like this!),
And the wealth o' the world, and love's sweetness impearled,
In the joy of a little one's kiss.

A necklace of love for my lady,
That was linked by the angels above.
No other but this and a tender, sweet kiss
That sealeth a little one's love.

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