Meltzer's 1968 biography of writer Langston Hughes is reissued here in a large, handsomely illustrated edition. Meltzer and Hughes were friends and collaborators on book projects, so the portrait painted here is more personal than many of the other available offerings. Alcorn's stylized, two-toned prints pique excitement and interest and invite repeated viewings. The artwork, plus the larger, clearer format for the text, will attract readers who would not have picked up the earlier edition. Each chapter begins with the graphic image of a flower springing from the gutter of an open book, superimposed over the silhouette of a cityscape. Only slight, subtle changes have been made in the well-written text. The word "Negro" has been changed in some places to "African American" or "black." An author's note precedes the text. The bibliography has been updated and includes audio and video recordings. The compelling artistry of this edition makes it a first-purchase consideration even for libraries that own the older title. -- Marilyn Fairbanks, East Junior High School, Brockton, MA (Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.)